Discovered at Christmas
Remembered all year

The festive marketing frenzy is approaching. Take the lead with a campaign that stretches beyond the 12 days of Christmas and well into 2020.

Raising lasting awareness requires long-term effort and care. Here at JPIMedia, the publisher of 200+ news brands, we can give you the tools that will keep your message in people’s minds. Star in a professional video ad, supported by other formats across digital and print media, to make a lasting impression.

Why Should I Buy?

Why Should I Buy?

Video is the fastest growing advertising format in the UK.


Our Packages

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Get people interested
  • Commission a bespoke article written to feature and promote your business
  • Or choose from a range of pre-written articles in our content bank
  • Starting from £155


Capture people's attention
  • 30-second or 60-second video ads
  • 50,000 - 600,000 impressions available
  • Audience targeting available
  • Starting from £432

Online advertising

Raise awareness
  • Target by location, audience behaviour and demographics
  • Appear in the UK's most trusted news environment⁴
  • Starting from £51.50

Examples of our work

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Sources: 1. Paying for video attention - Lumen & Unruly, 2018; 2. Value of Quality, GroupM and Newsworks, 2018; 3. Brand Metrics, JPIMedia network average July 2019; 4. YouGov/Local Media Works, 2018